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Creating mobile app, from design phase to publishing. We take care of that.

  • All in one solution, create and manage your app
  • Great support, free ticket, phone and live chat
  • Cross platform, iOS, Android, Windows Apps
  • Live updates, no need for app republish
  • WYSWYG Builder, see your app before paying
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The process of making apps

Creating apps now isEFFORTLESS

With no-coders in mind, we made our platform easy to use, with All-Inclusive solution that one mobile app can get.

have an app idea

Create free account with us, no upfront cost, no trial period. Explore the platform and overnight, your can make mobile apps

design & develop

Drag and drop the section you need, change layout, themes and colour schemes. Preview your app in real time, on device or in online simulator.

app published

Next thing you know, your mobile app is live on Google Play & App Store. We do that. You, you will manage your app users, view analytics and send push.

Mobidonia's Sections

Powerful modules to make your app with


List of blog posts, articles or feed. Ultimate reading experience. Share with friends on Facebook or via Email.

  • WordPress Blog posts
  • Joomla Articles
  • RSS Feed
  • Mobidonia Cloud News
  • Shopify Blog


Share the events to be with your community, create event listening in app or connect from Facebook Page Events or Event Brite

  • Facebook Page Events
  • Event Brite Events
  • Mobidonia Cloud Events

Videos & TV

Do you have videos or playlists in Youtube or Vimeo? Show them in your app instantly. Broadcast your live tv streaming.

  • YouTube Videos
  • Vimeo Videos
  • TV Streaming

Users Corner

Give your app a social aspect. User can create their profile, log in and comment, share and communicate

  • User Profile
  • Top Users
  • Fan / Chat Wall


Make cloud music player. Connect with your SoundCloud and give your user an unforgettable app experience.

  • Cross section Music Player
  • Minimized And Full Screen
  • Background Music Play

Notification List

Save your push, now your users can read your push messages when they want.


Showcase your amazing photos organized in albums and collections. You can fetch your photos directly from

  • Facebook page
  • Instagram User
  • Instagram Hashtag
  • Flicker
  • Google+


Just enter the HTML content or link to your page. Powerful Web View module that will show your content mobile optimized. Use the power of the web in your app.

  • Entered HTML Content
  • Web URL
  • Use native phone functions

Radio Streaming

Do you want app for your real or online radio station? Just put your streaming link and it is done. Works in background.

  • IceCast
  • ShoutCast
  • Radionomy

Business Listing

Create business directory app in Mobidonia. Add as many as you want venues sorted by the distance.

  • Featured Business
  • Coupons
  • Organised in categories


Yap, show current and weather forecast for any place in the world.

  • Current Location
  • Entered Location
  • F / C
  • 5 day Forecast

Email Subscribe

Subscribe new users in your MailChimp Email List


Sell products or services directly in your mobile app. Connect to your existing shop, or create the items in Mobidonia. It takes 37 seconds to make app for Shopify

  • Shopify Shop
  • Mobidonia Cloud Shop
  • PayPal Integration
  • Multi Currency

Restaurant Menu

Your restaurant menu in your mobile app. Organize the elements in different sections like starters, salads, desserts etc..

  • Accept online orders
  • Manage the order from Mobidonia
  • Accepts Paypal
  • Multi Restaurant support


Let your users know about your business. Show your Social links, contact phone and locations.

  • Contact List
  • Contact Form
  • Map Location


Organise your app section in folders of sections. Inside, put other sections with just drag and drop.

  • Tab / List style folder
  • Cover image for folder
  • Unlimited sub Sections

Tweeter Tweets

Do you tweet a lot? Now you can connect, one or multiple twitter accounts and show their cover, profile photo and tweets.

  • Automatic tweets fetch
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Follow user


Do you run a podcast? integrate it directly in Mobidonia and spread the word.

App Analytics

Plus, you can integrate Google Analytics

Design Layouts

Side, Metro, Grid & List

Side Menu

Side navigation, with logo and list

Metro navigation

Clean sections, with 0,1 or 2 leading tiles.

Grid Navigation

Multi-page grid navigation with customizable rows and columns.

List Navigation

Centered, left or right, list with icon or without.